Over the last 10 years I remained hesitant about having LASIK surgery – after all, it’s my eyes and I was always worried something could go wrong. After learning Clarity obtained the IFS Intralase Laser all my hesitation went out the window. I was 20/15 the day after surgery and continue to see 20/15 today! It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see so clearly without having to wear contact lenses or glasses. I have been given the best gift anyone can ever ask for and I could not be more grateful! Thank you to the doctor as well as the staff at the center for taking such good care of me and for giving me 20/15 vision.

MARIA • Fords, NJ

I am so happy with my new vision. I am 26 years old and have been wearing glasses or contacts since I was 13. It is such an amazing feeling to wake up every morning now and not only be able to see the alarm clock, but everything else in my room crisp and clear! The doctors and staff at Clarity Refractive Surgery did an outstanding job and should be commended for their patience, positive attitude and individual care that I received from the beginning consult through my postoperative check-ups.

DIANA • Scotch Plains, NJ

The caring and knowledgeable staff and doctors put my mind at ease before, during, and after my LASIK surgery. I was so excited about my fantastic vision that I had difficulty resting my eyes for the first few hours after the procedure.

LAUREN • Franklin Township, NJ

My LASIK experience at Clarity was exceptionally pleasant. The morning of surgery my stomach wouldn’t stop doing somersaults from being so nervous, but all that soon passed. When I arrived at Clarity they were ready to take me into the OR suite immediately – no waiting! They did a quick final exam (all pre-operative testing was done in the weeks and days prior). I was brought into the laser suite, seated in the chair, and covered with a warm blanket. Of course I didn’t feel a thing because of the numbing drops they put in my eyes, so all that worrying was for nothing. Before I knew it the procedure was done.

I went home and fell asleep and much to my surprise when I awoke I could see! As per doctor’s orders, I rested for the remainder of the night and even enjoyed dinner in bed! By the next day at my post-op visit I was already seeing 20/20! I experienced a little glare around the headlights of oncoming traffic while driving at night, but that disappeared after about a week.

The whole experience was definitely worth it. Having freedom from glasses and contacts is like no other. I recommended my friend for LASIK and she also had the surgery recently at Clarity. She could not be happier with her results as well!

CINDY • Colonia, NJ


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